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est 2003 ...In our 15th year performing

Wow  -We are in our  15th year and still going, and still having a blast !!!

We had a great time playing at some bigger events this year. We were at a Food Truck event at Tillie's Park in Ladue, at the Kirkwood Station Plaza by Bar Loui for a Thursday nite show, and did a community concert for Maryland Heights.  Each of these had 300-500 folks.  We had a blast.  Larry's son Andy and our friend Scott joined us on drums.

Looks like we may have broken into the Billy G's Kirkwood Rotation !!! We had a great show there in June ,and the Boss said he wants us Back !!    We're booked (!) so see our schedule page 
You need to check this place out for the great food !

We are still at Schnucks Des Peres  Café,  and at the Dierberg's Mezzanine at intersection of Manchester and Bopp roads.  It's amazing that these Grocery Centers have live music, but their café areas are neat, and they have Wine & Beer at supermarket prices - Neat and Cheap too !!
And if "Fan Fare Band" can play here then it's good enough for us.

We'll also be at Kirkwood Farmer's Market this summer which included recently the Famous Peach Festival 

Looks like we won't be at the "Green Tree Festival" Wine Tent this year due to their decision to relocate the Wine Tent by the Amphitheater and the music would clash.  Maybe next year????? 

Please check our "schedule page" for latest shows.  

Also please c
heck us out on "Facebook".  
While you're on Facebook - do a search for "Maple Jam Band
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"LIKE" us !  You'll get updates on our upcoming gigs only  - no spam or crazy Political talk.

And keep us in mind….no event is too small or large for us to play.  Family gathering, business event, or club or church get-together….we’d love to talk to you about adding music to the mix.  Contact information available at this website.    We’re fun, and we’re affordable!!!!

We hope you’ll make the time to come see us.

Larry O'Neill  314-835-3595  

Gus Hoelscher  636-391-8490  


Please keep Maple Jam Band in mind if you’re planning a family gathering, birthday or anniversary party, club meeting or other private event in the coming year. And also your Church Festivals and parties. We’d love to help you make it special by providing live music.  We’ll work with you on your music budget.  Remember:  we’re fun, affordable, and we love to play.  And, please visit this website from time to time to stay current on our music schedule and “band news.”


Larry O'Neill  314-835-3595  

Gus Hoelscher  636-391-8490  

Need a knight?  Visit Karl’s website:  www.knightforhire.com.  Karl has been named as the official "KNIGHT" of St Louis (and of "MapleJam") and has done some great film work for us.

The band once again  thanks you for all of your support, and please visit or "Schedule Tab"  to stay current on Dates, Times and future gigs.   

Maple Jam Duo on the deck at Maya Café
Scroll down a little !!!
                         "Maple Jam DUO

Gus & Larry (in the shades)


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        Yep- Here we are on YouTube -Rave ON











































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